The Bugera 6260 is a Boutique-style 2-channel tube amplifier. It outperforms for timeless rock, alternative rock and raw steel bands because of its shaking power and road-worthy integrity. This very effective amplifier comes furnished with large 120-watts of sheer power and a 2 network vintage created EQ area (with Bass, Mid and Treble) and reverb.

Experiment your audio with the Bugera V55, swap out the 12AX7 preamp V1 or V2 to a 12DW7 to cut down on the gain … Need extra acquire? Include a JJ high-gain 12AX7. It is a wonderful blend with the bass being so limited for beefy rhythm.– Both networks, blue (tidy) and razor (distortion. Gain, Bass, Bass, Treble and Degree for the initial network, Gain, Bass, Center, Treble, Degree, for the 2nd). The Bugera utilizes 4 hand-selected and matched Bugera 6L6 power-tubes and 5 Bugera 12AX7 preamp shutoffs.

Bugera 6260’s increase network is outrageous with the master quantity crank-driving televisions and pressing the 6260 to the side of flesh peeling off pleasure. Stereo results loophole is additionally a good advantage for the Bugera V55. Making use of heaven side with the “eco-friendly” network on the pedal will certainly offer an obvious smooth tone with a little side. Switch over to the razor, crank the bass, scoop the mids, drive the gain and the Bugera develops into a huge Godsmack kind area. Run ovation via heaven network, providing the tone a good little grunge. The highlight, Bugera 6260 isn’t really a loud amp (or this may be a problem for you

Bugera 6260 Ultimate Guitar Amp Head Testimonial

This beast features a 4-way, tough, steel footswitch selector. Making changing networks and results in a loophole in an online scenario a smooth development. This boutique-style shutoff head is created making use of accuracy setting up, hand-built for excellence, you could be certain the monster will certainly stand the examination of time. Usage dual humbuckers and play steel or usage solitary coils and play blues for even more of a smooth and a tidy noise, you could utilize this amp in any type of varied circumstance

Bugera Ultimate Guitar Amp Head Testimonial
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