Hydraulic fittings industry always makes innovation to seal the devices and there are several features available now. Here are hydraulic fittings & adapters for global manufacturers you need to know.

Common Types of the Device’s End Connection

Today, there are some common types of end connection that are available in market, include:

  1. Joint Industrial Conference (JIC)

It is considered to be the most common type of end connection. The tool consists of 370 cone and parallel threads placed on the fitting end.

  1. O – Ring Face Seals

The next common type of end connection is O – ring face seals. This tool comes with flat sealing surfaces that have an embedded seal on it. The flat sealing contained functions to avoid leakage and lower the risks of over – torqueing.

  1. O – Ring Boss

O – ring boss is the nest common end connection type in the list. The ORB seal is placed on an O – ring that is aimed to provide leak free connection for the device.KP-Lok tubing valves and fittings

  1. Inch Compression

This tool is actually the fitting type of hydraulic tubing. Generally, there are only limited hose connections available for this fitting style. The strength of this fitting is that it can be easily applied on hard tubing.

Differentiation Among the Attachment Styles

There are two differentiations among the attachment styles include:

  1. Crimp Fitting

If you want to this kind of fitting, you need to have a crimping machine to enable you attach the tool to the hose. A local hydraulic distributor will provide you with the hose assembly if you do not have the crimping machine.

  1. Field Attachable Fitting

There are some benefits you can enjoy from this field attachable fitting. You do not need any machine to help you attach the fitting to the hose. In addition, the hose assembly can be created anywhere and the device consists of two pieces, they are a nipple and a socket.

Tips to Select the Best Hydraulic Fittings & Adapters

If you want to choose hydraulic fittings and adapters for your applications, here are some things you need to consider well.

  1. Versatility

Compare to all, the JIP fitting provides best versatility. Moreover, the fitting style makes it possible for you to connect it with any device.

Hydraulic Fittings & Adapters for Global Manufacturers

  1. Application

Temperature, media, application, size, and pressure are five critical factors you have to consider when you need to choose the rightest application in which the fitting device will be applied.

  1. Reliability

It is very important to consider about the reliability of the hydraulic fittings you will choose. All this time, NPT pipe threads are considered to be the most popular with their reliability since any leakage occurs can be easily fixed just by tightening the fittings.

  1. Availability

The next thing you should think well before selecting hydraulic fittings for your application is the availability. NPT and JIC have been around for decades and they come with various volume and sizes. The availability factor will enable you to find any components you need to replace easily anytime you need.

Hydraulic Fittings & Adapters for Global Manufacturers
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